Founder & Music Director​

2021 Latin Grammy Nominee, he is a Brazilian composer and music producer who runs his DaHouse studios in Los Angeles, Berlin, and São Paulo, producing soundtracks for over twenty years.


He plays guitar in a band that plays only songs denied by clients called The Client Said No, and traveled around the world recording albums on the streets for his project Le Tour Du Monde, screened on Discovery Channel Latin America. Amidst of it all, he produced "The Uncensored Playlist," the most awarded music project in LIA [London International Awards], winning Titanium Lion in Cannes, two Grand Clio Music in 2021, gold and GP at Clio Festival, El Ojo de Iberoamérica, D&AD Impact, amounting more than 200 music awards last three years.


He is one of the founders of the first NFT marketplace for music, the phonogram.me, and is also the music director for the label Dorsal Musik, where he produced several songs with DaHouse's crew for contemporary Brazilian artists. Listen to it on Spotify.


Partner & Music Director

Silvio Erné, aka Silvinho, is a classical pianist and orchestral composer based in São Paulo. He runs the Brazilian studios and its crew. 

He began his musical career in 1998 as a pianist and producer of a samba band, a style in which he has excellent knowledge and mastery. He studied Brazilian rhythms and percussive instruments during this time, applying them in advertising for the last 15 years. He also played piano on the acoustic tour of the band Reação em Cadeia, co-produced the album #Mcv1tc of the band SevenLox from Guinea Bissau, and in 2021 was nominated for a Latin Grammy with the album Onze: Músicas Inéditas de Adoniran Barbosa.

He is currently performing orchestral and cinematic productions that blend classical instruments and synthesizers, using his collection of classic synths from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Cassiano runs together with Andrea, Lari, Paulo, and Monique all the BR, EU, and US productions.

Trying hard to become a Heavy Metal musician since the early nineties, Cassiano found himself when he realized that was more than Metal in the music scene. 

Working together with Lucas Mayer since the beginning of DaHouse, he could finally find himself living from music, not as a musician, but still, music, his passion. 

Surrounded by a fantastic team, he could see DaHouse grow and become this amazing place to be and work with. After more than ten years, they managed to get prizes that would be too unreal to think about when DaHouse was just a tiny room at Lucas' apartment. 

What can we say more about Cassiano? Invite him for a Beer, and you will make him happy.


Head of Production, Composer & Music Producer

Wonder Bettin is a Brazilian musician and music producer based in Berlin. He's been playing and producing with several indie bands since the 00s, like Sabonetes, Esperanza, Naked Girls and Aeroplanes, and The Client Said No.


Since 2010 he has composed and produced soundtracks for films and advertising. and has already worked with Samsung, Kia, Sony, Hyundai, Amazon, etc.


You can find him around Neukölln's live music venues or jogging around the windy Rummelsburg lake. Although his fingers are permanently frozen, he loves Spätis enough to cope with the Berliner weather.


You can find some of his work in his playlist.

Wonder Bettin.jpeg

Label A&R and DaHouse's Executive Producer.

2016 Latin Grammy Winner started his career based in Brasília, Brazil, in 2010 with the acclaimed band Scalene. Right from the start assuming the roles of executive producer, booker, and press agent, other than guitarist and songwriter alongside his brother.


Having released five albums since 2013, Scalene is one of the main artists revealed in Brazil this past decade. In 2017, he created CoMA Festival, happening annually in his hometown. CoMA stands for Conscience, Music, and Arts, and since its first edition, it has grown exponentially, receiving up to 25.000 thousand people during the weekend. It also has a music conference with professionals from all over the world.

Tomás also acts as A&R and executive producer for DaHouse's indie label Dorsal Musik.


Composer & Music Producer

Rodrigo Lemos is a Brazilian musician, composer, and producer. Based in São Paulo and Curitiba, he is a former member of influential indie bands such as Poléxia and A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade, and since 2012 has been releasing solo music under the name Lemoskine.


Over the years, Lemos traveled worldwide playing concerts, scoring music for film and performing arts, and meanwhile, he works on new artists' records.


You can check his Spotify producer's playlist here.

Lemos also acts as producer and music curator for DaHouse's indie label Dorsal Musik. You can listen to its entire catalog.

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Executive Producer & Assistant

Carol is a law graduate and executive producer. She left the corporate world to pursue a career in culture and began to use her passion for bureaucracy in favor of artists.

She is one of the coordinators of Girls Rock Camp Porto Alegre and a partner at Corda Solta, an all-female production company whose target audience is the LGBT+ community.

As Lucas and Cassiano's assistant, Carol is their bridge between Los Angeles, Berlin, and São Paulo.


Mixing & Mastering Engineer


Over the past 20 years, Deltoro has been mixing and mastering songs and albums from many different genres, including the Latin Grammy-nominated album "ONZE" (unreleased songs by Adoniran Barbosa), that you can listen to here.


Deltoro is always looking for inspired music and projects to work on.


Executive Producer & Production Manager

As Executive Producer at DaHouse Audio, she coordinates DaHouse's producers' work in Brazil, setting up budget strategies, networking with agencies, musicians & announcers.

She has extensive experience as an Executive Producer in advertising agencies and audio production companies. Post Graduate in Services Marketing at Faap, she worked at DPZ, Y&R, Trama, Site Petiscos, LudwigVan, and Menina Audio Production Company. 

She also has a degree in Design from the Pan American School of Arts and Visual Arts and two cute cats, Theodoro and Francesco. 


Sound Engineer & Studio Assistant

Multi-Instrumentist graduated at AudioBrazil in audio engineering and popular singing, composition, and arrangement at ETEC. Since his adolescence, he has been producing artists from the independent scene in São Paulo. In 2019 he headed the production of the 2nd Festival da Canção, an event focused on giving space and generating quality content for new artists.


Spain Executive Producer

Paulo Chileno is a Chilean musician and executive producer by birth and Brazilian at heart. Currently based in Madrid, Spain, with more than 20 years in music, he was a bassist for Lobão, Paulo Ricardo, Sergio Serra, and Tico Santa Cruz.

With training in Public Relations and vast experience in the world of advertising, in 2008, he created the Verbal Announcers international voicebank with which he has participated in global campaigns with major brands in different countries around the world.

The "Chilean" directs the actions of DaHouse Spain.


EU Composer & Producer

He is one of DaHouse's composers based in Germany. The soundtrack from the Kia Sustainability is his, and it's played with a prepared piano in his fantastic studio in Potsdam. He is doing his master's degree in "Music for Motion Picture" at Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, the oldest and largest film school in Germany. 

Max worked as a composer on several German films and music producers, from artists such as Gustavo Bertoni and Elephants and Castles to commercials for Jägermeister, Sony, Volkswagen, Hyundai, etc.

MVD_Synth_ SW.jpeg

Chief of Security & Wellness.

Responsible for securing the safety and welfare of DaHouse and Dorsal Musik employees. Working for twelve years non-stop for the companies, Lorena (aka Lola) is the last bark of all decisions made.